Special Report: Muslim Aged Care in SA

2015 UPDATE: Special report on the aged care needs of muslims in Australia.

A report into the needs of the elderly Muslims in South Australia was originally commissioined by the Islamic Information Centre of South Australia (IICSA) in April 2013.

UPDATE: 31 January 2015

Entitled "Muslims in Australia and their Aged Care Needs: An exploratory study with special reference to South Australia", the report prepared by Shamsul Khan from the University of South Australia's School of Communication, International Studies and Languages and Mahjabeen Ahmad (IICSA) has been updated and expanded to include the latest data and information and to reflect significant changes and recent government reforms in the aged care sector.

The Report seeks to make a case for enhancing the choice of Muslims when it comes to choosing the right care for their twilight years. Therefore, the main argument of this Report is that faith considerations must be recognised in care planning and delivery so that appropriate care can be offered to practicing Muslims. The overarching theme of the Report is the context in which this care can and should be provided. It seeks to explore the current status of aged care in Australia with regard to meeting the needs of Muslim older people and propose steps that would help in providing appropriate aged care for the growing number of Muslims in this country.

The Report provides insights into Islam and Muslims so as to put the issue of Muslim aged care into proper perspective; it also provides opportunity to clarify some concepts in the context of Muslims, such as culture, ethnicity, and spirituality. The Report contains background information on some of the basic details of aged care, particularly those pertaining to care in a residential setting.