About Us

The Islamic Information Centre of South Australia (IICSA) is a not-for-profit organisation that provides a range of services to the South Australian community.

These include:

  • Organizing free public lectures and seminars
  • General public and government sponsored events such as 'Eid festivals
  • Arabic language couses
  • Islamic School services
  • Organized sports teams such as Adelaide Thunder boys soccer team
  • Recreational events such as swimming classes, hiking and community fitness
  • Youth Camps
  • Support services and information for new muslims
  • Summer school offering kids with a mix of learning, physical activities and day trips during the summer school holidays



Our aim is for people to see the true beauty of Islam, living, working, building and contributing to our peaceful way of life, and to open the community’s minds and hearts to share in the wonderful lives we are all living, here in South Australia.



This year, IICSA is looking forward to expand its services, activities, and volunteer base not only for the benefit of the Islamic community, but for the benefit of the greater South Australian community.



Our team of volunteers come from all walks of life, who share a passion and commitment to living an Islamic Australian lifestyle, and to share our knowledge, resources and aspirations with the greater South Australian public.



We are also a provider of settlement services for recently arrived migrants and international students to South Australia.

We help new South Australians to find suitable housing, employment services, everyday living requirements such as help in opening bank accounts, connecting gas and electricity accounts, transport services, educational institutions, and internet service providers.



IICSA is currently taking registrations from players for our new Adult, Youth and Junior Soccer Teams, for competition in the Football Federation of South Australia and South Australian Amateur Soccer League.


For more information, 

Please contact:


Hasan Unich,

IICSA President

tel: 0421 228 748